You can turn your Android Phone into a PC with new Remix OS

Probably not a new term to hear, remix OS, Ooh well; about a year ago Jide, the company behind the Android-based Remix OS for PCs announced its Beta version of their Remix OS for PC. Currently, Jide is developing new version of this OS for Android smartphones, Remix Singularity OS and with a major transformation, YES! It will work both as an Android version when used on a smartphone and it will work as PC based Remix OS when you connect it to your TV screen.

The idea is described as a solution for Android users to save both Mobile and PC need at once. The integrations works in a way that when your mobile device with Remix Singularity OS is connected to a TV it will offer users a similar PC OS experience with functions like a taskbar, file windows and a start menu which will make you feel like using an android TV.

Image: Jide Technologies
Image: Jide Technologies

How much will it Cost?

According to what Jades founder said in the interview with The Verge, Remix Singularity OS will be available for free to download.

With some other challenges to be worked on including integrations, Remix Singularity OS is set to be released in the second half of 2017.