The Five Best Android Games!

In the last few weeks I have been talking about Best Android apps, well; as I said the Giant Google play Play store never lack best Android apps for smartphones and tablets being free or paid one,  fun, games to file downloads and security Android Apps. Today wanted to be specific on Best Android Games!

1. Grand Theft Auto III. (US$4.99).


Grand Theft Auto III is an Android app by Rockstar Games, Inc. Grand Theft Auto III app for Android is one of the most popular Android Game app in the Play Store. Currently Rockstar Games, Inc. are celebrating their 10 year anniversary of their most popular action game, Grand Theft Auto.

2. Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale

With over million players Ninja Royale is a top-ranking app for Android, burning up the charts with over 70,000 five-star reviews. This is another action Android Game App that will make you play it the whole day long. Face off against your friends and unleash devastating combos in action-packed matches. The battle system is designed in a way that will challenge you  to try each you level. New features and weapons are added everyday. Clans of different characters consist of animals like rabbits and wasps. You can download Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale from the Google Play Store here

3. Pixel Defenders Puzzle

Pixel Defenders Puzzle is a unique game of strategic matching and RPG battling. Place, match and thwack your way through dozens of gorgeous retro-style levels, a variety of game-modes and special missions. Pixel Defenders Puzzle is an innovative hybrid of match-3-puzzler and RPG-battler. Match pixels to create Defenders and protect princesses, kings & queens from waves of enemies!

4. Age of Warring Empire

Age of Warring Empire

Age of Warring is Empire is developed by Silent Ocean, is is an online multi-player strategy game.  Age of Warring Empire is also one of the most highly praised online multiplayer strategy game available that gives users the a way to build new kingdoms and conquer their rivals. Raise customizable armies, upgrade buildings, and hire heroes to lead the charge. Sometimes you need to keep your enemies close so team up with friends to take on competing empires. You can download Age of Warring Empire from the Google Play Store here.

5. Tank Hero

Tank Hero

Tank hero may one of the best game that i played on my phone. It  is a 3D based action game which you can access through your Mobile Phone running Android OS. You have to fight your enemies and you have such weapons as howitzers, cannons and heat seekers with you. In this game, you will be driving a green tank having different mazes and will be hunted by blue enemy tanks. As the game progress, the mazes and the navigational challenges will become harder.

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