My Three Password Management Software

If you are frequent internet user you may find that you have tenth of passwords to remember, in a better way it is advised to use different password for every account you open online. Its very hard and may need an extra skills to remember tenth of passwords with  complex alphanumeric passwords in your memory. In this situation Password Management Software is the solution between using a few you can remember and risking forgetting others especially if you used to create password that meet maximum complexity as it is advised.

Basically theres there are three categories of Password Management Softwares, some are free and some are paid one grouped into :

  1. Desktop password manager software.
  2. Online password manager services.
  3. Password manager apps for smartphones like iPhone and Android phones.

The following are Password Management Software tools that will help you build a strong password set and securely store it so you never enter into security risk of using the same old password for fear of forgetting it.

1. KeePass

KeePass is Free Password Management Software available in Windows, Mac, Linux and in Mobile all for free. It supports huge number of features  including automatic password generation, field and icon customization, secure notes, and login and password entry through clipboard copying, drag and drop, or auto fill-in. KeePass supports import and export formats as well as printing for hard copy backup or secure offline storage. In contrast with other Password Management Software, If you use your password protected services away from your PC, you can use KeePass to sync your keyring with Dropbox which to me is my first killing feature.

With KeePass means that you put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the encrypted database.

Website link: Click Here

2. Roboform (Windows, Basic: Free/Pro: $29.95)

Roboform  is another Password Management Software available for windows only, comes in Basic and Pro version where Basic version is free while Pro version goes for $29.95. It does not have attracting User Interface but it has a killing collection of ease of use features. It also integrate well with popular web browsers where you can set RoboForm to not only automatically log you into existing services on the web. RoboForm included encrypted notes, random password generation, and the ability to print hard backup copy of your password lists to store them in another secure location.

A disadvantage of  using Windows password manager software programs is that your saved passwords will not be available elsewhere when you want to use your password protected services away from your computer.

Other free  Password Management Software are ‘MyPadlock’ and ‘KeyWallet’ which are among many free Windows password manager software programs available.

3. Passpack

Passpack is online password manager is just that – a web-based service that you use to store your passwords and other login information. No software installation required. Passpack comes also with four Plans being Free, Pro($1.50 month), Group ($4 month), Team ($12 month) and Biz ($40 month).

The main advantage of web based  password manager is constant availability, With an online password manager like Passpack, you can access your passwords anywhere provided that you have internet connection.

Sometimes trusting someone to store your important password may be a big concern for most of us, imagine giving out your social network password like Facebook and Twitter, Your password to big online stores like eBay may not be something to take it simple. However, you should be aware that those people who you are trust are there for business too, which means they will take an extra security measures to make their business running. Personally i stopped the doubt and i’m happy with Passpack.

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