How to Turn On or Off Camera Shutter Sound in Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera

The sound that comes with your Samsung Galaxy S3 camera when you takes pictures may be loud and sometimes frustrating. In some cases or may be all cases you may want to silent the camera shutter when taking a picture say for a surprise shot or say taking a picture of your baby when sleeping. The camera shutter may be annoying in this case, well! You can silence it though with just a few steps.

How to enable or disable the camera shutter sound on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Follow these quick steps and you are done!

I.          Open your phone Camera app through.

II.          Tap on Settings gear located on the upper left screen.

III.          Tap on shutter sound to switch it on or off.

Oops! The option is not available in my phone!

Yes! For some reason most phones being Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other phone may not let you silent your camera shuttle. It may be legal or privacy reason – I DON’T KNOW YET WHY THIS!

But! You still have options to do it! Simple! Turn your phone into a silent mode, all sound will be muted including camera shutter.

Here’s how to do it.

Option One!

Press Volume down button until your phone is turned to be vibrate mode or no sound mode.

Option Two (use Power button)

Press and hold power button for a second or two then on the pop up menu select Silent mode where your phone will turn into silent mode.

Once you have performed the above procedures you will have your phone ready to take pictures in silent! Enjoy and share!