How to remove Google Photos or Picasa Web Albums from your Android Phone Gallery

I noticed this the first day of  using my Samsung Galax S3, when you first set up your new Android phone, you may notice your Google+ photos downloads automatically in your phone’s gallery. This also happen if you are blogging using Google’s blogger platform. This situation make your galleries look disorganized. It’s obvious you will want to keep your Google+ photos separate from your phone gallery; unfortunately Google does not give direct option to delete those photos or folders from your gallery.

Here is how to disable this.

First you go into the settings of your phone, Choose Accounts, and then choose Google.

Select the account that is connected with Google + and uncheck “Sync Google Photos” as well as “Sync Picasa Web Albums.”
Subsequently, return to settings and go to Apps or Applications and Swipe left to get to All.
application_managerScroll down until you get to the Gallery app and tap on it.
Once you are in the app info, choose Force stop, then Disable and Clear data. Finally choose Enable. In many cases taping  only on clear data will serve the purpose.
Up to this point those weird folders should go. Enjoy your clean gallery!