How to Get the iPad iOS 7 Beta

Apple has released a new beta of its iOS 7 software to users that want to try the iOS 7. When Apple announced iOS 7, they said the tablet version would follow the iPhone version a few weeks later, ooh yes! they justified their promise. This new version of the iOS 7 beta is available for registered Apple developers and will soon be available to average users who register their iPad as part of a developer program.

This is the first time iOS 7 for the iPad is available, and it comes two weeks after the iOS 7 announcement at WWDC 2013. This is not the final version of IOS 7, probably the first of many versions which will arrive on the iPhone 5S and new iPad in the next few months.

Unfortunately  iOS 7 beta is meant for registered Apple developers and there is no way to use this beta without registering the iPad or iPad mini with a developer account. Alternatively you can avoid the $99 iOS Developer fee by registering your device with a third-party for about $8.

The official iOS 7 release date is set for the fall, and will likely arrive a few days ahead of an iPhone 5S release.

iPad iOS 7 Beta Downloads

The iPad IOS 7 beta download files are available in the Apple Developer section for only registered developers, Click Here. If you are Registered user you may sign in and download the iOS 7 beta 2 files for iPad and iPad mini.

Caution: Only Install iPad iOS 7 beta if you can manage to use an iPad or iPad mini that you don’t need it working at 100% of the time. You are advised not to participate in any App Store reviews while using iPad iOS 7 beta, as issues are to be expected, and are not related to app developer’s fault.