How To Choose the Best Web Hosting Company

Choosing the right or just best web hosting company may be trick procedure especially to beginners who want to bring their business or blogs online. With this post I have prepared a quick guide for you on how to choose the best or say a web hosting company that suit your business or blog. It is important to understand what you need before choosing a webhosting that outfit your need.

This post will also help you if you want to move to new host. Let’s start exploring the points to consider when searching for a blog or web hosting company.

1. Understand your potential growth.

Before I go deep into this first factor, let’s quickly understand basic types of hosting facilities and their appropriate usage.

  • Shared server hosting.

This is a type of hosting where website share resources with other websites on the same server. Most of the time shared server are giving fair price and they are affordable. It is suitable for most websites which has few visitors and has less data. Example, a restaurant which displays daily menu and aims to give their customers information about the business say menu, location etc. Shared hosting is not recommended for ecommerce store or booking / reservation websites

  • Virtual Private Servers

VPS is customizable and can be upgraded any time as your site grows, with this service you are given root access for total control, as well as the ability to install advanced software and completely customize your hosting environment. This service has moderate cost and are suitable for with moderate number of visitors per day.

  • Dedicated servers

As the name suggests, these are physical servers dedicated to host your website alone. Dedicated servers are used to host corporate websites or other businesses that has a lot of transactions online with very high traffic. Dedicated servers will have high cost compared to share server or VPS hosting.

With understanding of the above types of hosting, you have a choice to choose a web host that provide suitable plan for your blog or business considering its potential growth. You should also understand that you may opt to change your hosting plan when necessary need rises on the way.

2. Technical Support

What will happen to your customers or visitors when something goes wrong? This is why Technical support is very important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting company. The degree of support differ from best to worse. I would recommend you to consider a company which offers telephone or direct chat support, I would also suggest a ticket system with 24hrs reply service is better than those who offer a forum support only.

Try to register and send a ticket or support email and see the response time on your request.

3. Think about cost

It is not necessary that the most expensive web hosting company is the best company but be aware with free services. Most of free hosting services will place ads on your website and they provide less secure or slow server hosting services. Measure the importance of your website before opting for free service

Good number of web hosting companies offer affordable hosting packages that are paid monthly or annually. When considering cost also measure features you are getting with what you are paying, as I said earlier, it’s important to understand your need before jumping into particular hosting package.

4. Do a little research

There is number of websites that are reviewing hosting services, some of them may be too far to trust, consider using reliable reviewers. Past or current customers can real help you choose proper web hosting company by reading what they have experienced when using particular service. Compare plans and bandwidth offered by any host before buying their service, compare their uptime complain with what other users a complaining in different discussion forums.